Scholarships & Awards

"Dulf is a great representative as to what a Bailey Undergraduate Scholar does. He has participated in many volunteer organizations as a high school student and a U of I student and continues to be a strong campus leader."

- Jennifer Romine, University YMCA Office Manager & Bailey Scholarship Program Administrator

The ILC Outstanding ePortfolio Award

The Illinois Leadership Center (ILC) recently hosted the Certificate Completion Ceremony to honor students who successfully completed the Certificate Program. During this event, we also acknowledged the achievements of two students who received the Outstanding ePortfolio Award. One recipient was chosen from the spring 2024 cohort, while the other hailed from the fall semester. It is with great pleasure that we announce Dulf Vincent Genis as the recipient of the fall award!

I4I & IIP Scholarship

This scholarship, issued by the University of Illinois Study Abroad, office is dedicated to providing crucial support to students from diverse backgrounds and varying financial circumstances as they pursue international educational opportunities. It is a source of great pride to be recognized as a scholarship for first-generation students and individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the university's unwavering dedication to fostering an inclusive and diverse academic environment. Additionally, the scholarship's distinguished reputation is evident in its meticulous selection process, which places a strong emphasis on academic excellence and employs a rigorous essay scoring guide.

The Clara Abbott Foundation Scholarship

This initiative provides support to approximately 2,000 students each year, offering scholarships based on financial need to the children of Abbott employees. Their dedication to education encompasses a wide range of educational institutions, from universities to trade schools. The commendable mission of this foundation is to alleviate the financial burden of college expenses for Abbott families.

The Fred S. Bailey Scholarship

The Fred S. Bailey Scholarship offers financial aid to University of Illinois students who show dedication to service and impactful actions. Undergraduate Awards grant funds yearly to students exemplifying service, leadership, and community involvement. Out of a competitive pool of applicants, I was chosen based on my demonstrated passion and thoughtfulness, recognized by community leaders, activists, educators, and University of Illinois faculty and staff. 

Fresenius Medical Care Scholarship

This esteemed grant exemplifies Fresenius' commitment to advancing medical and scientific education for healthcare professionals, ensuring that we continually elevate healthcare standards and patient care. It's an honor to be recognized and supported by an organization that prioritizes genuine medical education and is passionate about fostering advancements in the realm of medical technology.

The Arion Award

The Arion Award is a prestigious honor established in 1948 to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of junior and senior students in the chorus. These exceptional students not only excel academically but also demonstrate outstanding contributions to their communities. This award symbolizes a commitment to excellence in both academics and community service.

The National School Orchestra Award

The National School Orchestra Award represents the highest recognition for a high school orchestra member. It acknowledges their exceptional musical talents and their valuable contributions to the ensemble. This award is a testament to their dedication and excellence in playing musical instruments.

Extraordinary Merit in Fine Arts Scholarship

The Des Plaines History Center, dedicated to fostering a comprehensive understanding of society and culture, proudly offered two prestigious scholarships in 2022. These scholarships recognize exceptional merit in the fields of social sciences and fine arts. Regardless of the recipients' future educational or career paths, they aim to impart invaluable lessons that will enrich their lives and endeavors. Phillip Moore, Executive Director of the Des Plaines History Center, will have the honor of presenting these awards to this year's extraordinary recipients, including the outstanding American fine arts scholar, Dulf Vincent.

The Senior Service Award

The Senior Service Award is a tribute to a Maine West senior who has selflessly dedicated countless hours to serve their community, school, and Des Plaines. This award honors their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact and their invaluable contributions to the welfare of those around them. In their role as a Community Development Liaison at Maine Township High School District 207, Dulf collaborated with esteemed organizations, such as Abbott Molecular Facilities, Clean Up Give Back, the Des Plaines Public Library, and the Des Plaines Food Pantry, among others. These partnerships allowed Dulf to address community needs, foster unity, and provide valuable resources and services to those in need, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and families. These experiences strengthened Dulf's skills in community partnership development, project management, and effective communication, further enhancing their commitment to service and community well-being.

The Good Will Awards

The Good Will Awards, bestowed annually, are a testament to exceptional students who have profoundly fostered goodwill and community spirit. Through their unwavering commitment, they've set a remarkable benchmark for good citizenship throughout the Maine West community. These commendable individuals have exemplified virtues such as acceptance, integrity, respect, kindness, and sportsmanship, spreading goodwill far and wide. Each year, dedicated seniors earn nominations from staff members. Subsequently, their fellow students participate in a voting process to select the most deserving recipients. These awards celebrate the embodiment of goodwill and the tireless dedication to uplifting and unifying their community.

The Joel Daube Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Joel Daube, an extraordinary sophomore during the 2020-2021 school year, this scholarship stands as a tribute to his legacy. Joel's parents, in collaboration with the Maine West music department staff, have established this scholarship to recognize exceptional students. It celebrates those who not only display outstanding musical performance but also exemplify kindness, leadership, and unwavering character. This prestigious scholarship is awarded over three school years, covering 2021, 2022, and 2023, the years when Joel would have been an upperclassman, emphasizing the enduring impact of his spirit on the Maine West community.

The Ambassador Award

The Ambassador Award, issued by InnerView, is a recognition of college and high-school-aged individuals who have committed a minimum of 100 hours to at least 12 service activities. It celebrates their profound impact on their communities, their passion for meaningful causes, and their dedication to aligning local efforts with the United Nations Global Goals.

The 2022-23 Illinois State Scholar

The 2022-23 Illinois State Scholar distinction is awarded to students who have achieved exceptional standardized test scores and class rank during their high school journey. These scholars represent the top ten percent of graduates from Illinois high schools and exemplify academic excellence.

ILMEA All-State Honors Chorus

Students in grades 10-12 who audition for the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) All-State Honors Chorus have the opportunity to demonstrate their exceptional musical abilities. Only the highest-scoring students earn a place in the All-State or Honor's Chorus during the audition process, showcasing their musical talent. This accomplishment acknowledges their musical prowess and highlights their dedication to musical excellence and the honor of representing their school and community at a state level.

Dulf had the extraordinary but unexpected honor with this musical cohort, given that it was both his first and final year in choir, marking his senior year of high school.

The DAR Good Citizen Award & Scholarship

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Good Citizen Award is a distinction that recognizes and rewards individuals who embody the qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. These students are selected by both their teachers and peers, reflecting their outstanding commitment to their homes, schools, and communities. Receiving this award is a testament to their exceptional character and the significant impact they have on those around them.

District 207's Best

The "207's Best" program acknowledges outstanding students throughout the school year. It celebrates their achievements in various areas, including community service, fine arts, academic performance, and more. Teachers nominate these exceptional students, and an executive committee makes the final selections. The honorees are then recognized by the Board of Education, and their contributions to community service are highlighted. Dulf Vincent Genis was honored for exceptional advancements in community service.

ILMEA District #7 Chorus

Students in grades 10-12 who audition for the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) District #7 Chorus experience the challenge of showcasing their musical talents. The highest-scoring students during the audition process have the opportunity to qualify for the All-State or Honor's Chorus, emphasizing their exceptional musical abilities.