Speaking Engagements

"We are so glad to have Dulf at Ameren. I love his passion and organizational skills. He's great at connecting people and keeping everyone on track."

- Danielle M. Irving, Ameren Energy Human Resources

Ameren Innovation Center

I spoke to a class from the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences, focusing on career exploration and job opportunities beyond the academic realm. Sharing my insights, I discussed my role as a Project Manager at the Ameren Innovation Center, and my experience in Operations, and provided valuable perspectives on interacting with employers and recruiters. Emphasizing effective self-presentation, I offered guidance on showcasing and advocating for oneself in professional settings.

Division of General Studies

I was offered the opportunity of guest speaking for a couple of orientation classes at the University of Illinois' Division of General Studies, drawing from my own journey as an Undeclared major. Drawing from my personal experience, I discussed the exploration of interests and passions and offered insights on navigating the prevalent stigma associated with Undeclared majors. Despite misconceptions about our skills, I showcased my achievements, including securing two internships, gaining acceptance into a study abroad program, and assuming a research assistant role for a College of Business professor, all accomplished while being Undeclared.

Illinois Scholars Program

I addressed the 2023 Illinois Scholars Program cohort, consisting of approximately 80 incoming freshmen, during the 2023 summer. During my presentation, I discussed my research experiences within the program and offered tailored advice to guide the cohort in approaching their own research projects. Sharing insights from my journey as an Undeclared major, I highlighted how I navigated through my freshman year. Emphasizing that this research opportunity can serve as a catalyst for career and academic exploration, I showcased its potential to lay the foundation for future internship and research opportunities.

Graduation Speech

I had the honor of delivering the closing address at the Maine West High School Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2022. I crafted my speech into two distinctive parts. The first segment centered on congratulating my fellow graduates and reflecting on our collective journey through high school. Notably, I highlighted our resilience during the challenges of our junior year amidst the COVID-19 lockdown and our efforts to return to stability in our senior year.

The second part, often regarded as the highlight, shifted the focus to the commendable diversity present within the school, spanning ethnicity, sexual identities, race, political perspectives, schools of thought, and social classes. In addressing this, I shared insights into my own identity as an immigrant, expressing profound appreciation for the diverse environment. Emphasizing the significance and uniqueness of this setting, especially when contrasted with my background in a larger monoculture, corroborated the pivotal role of diversity in shaping my educational experience in the United States.


A few more opportunities among others...

Showcasing my research findings to scholars following the Illinois Scholars Program

Facilitating and addressing the District 207 Principal's Leadership Team Summit

Promoting collaboration and initiative between the Fine Arts Departments of District 62 and District 207

Working as a representative and speaker at the University of Illinois' iSchool and Grainger career fairs